In the commercial industry, we are specialists in construction of architectural enclosure system (metal and glass building enclosures)

  • Storefront and entrance glass and glazing system
  • Curtain walls, window walls and Louvers
  • Main entrance canopies
  • Revolving doors
  • UL Fire rated metal wall and roof system
  • All architectural metal and glass building developments

With over 11 years of experience in an effort to continue serving the community, has now merged with GJP Installers (New York Co.) to provide a group of services and implement all of our knowledge and experience together to specialize in the construction of architectural enclosure systems (Metal & Glass building enclosures) for Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Educational & Governmental projects.

All materials used are high quality and guarantee to last; we are fully licensed and insured; we strive for excellence on each and every project.

As a construction services company we provide technical assistance to owners, architects, construction managers, general contractors, and subcontractors in the design and implementation of State-of-the-art Architectural Metal and Glass building developments.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the thermal and moisture control field; completing architectural, industrial and commercial building exteriors.

In all aspects, but not limited to factory assembled, prefabricated, field assembled, insulated (fiberglass/foam), acoustical, honeycomb composite, highly technical plate, explosion release, UL fire rated, metal wall and roof systems. Louvers, windows, curtain wall, storefront and entrance glass and glazing system all in conjunction with the designing of the appropriate and required integration. Internal components, secondary and or miscellaneous support systems attachment to the primary structure and all in strict accordance with the contractual obligations such as but not limited to the design. Contract documents i.e. design intent specifications (performance, structural integrity, air and water infiltration, wind loan, deflection, thermal expansion and contraction, seismic, inter-story movement, codes, etc).

We truly believe that reliability, principle, honor, factual representation coupled with our method and means of construction/contracting and commitment to excellence are paramount and key ingredients necessary in developing and maintaining long lasting relationships in the industry.

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